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Dolphin View & Snorkel

From $175 per person • 3 Hours • All Ages Welcome

Quick Details

Person All Ages
Private Charter • Up to 6 people Starting Price

Big Island Dolphin Watching & Snorkeling

Join us for a fabulous snorkel where we enjoy sea creatures like the octopus, sea stars, and turtles. A guide will be in the water with you to help you discover the beauty of the reef that most people miss. An added bonus for this trip, the dolphins are usually around! Before heading to the snorkel, we like to go to the area the dolphins are hanging in and enjoy them from the boat.

Some laws have changed regarding the dolphins, so it is a priority for us to honor the laws in place to continue to protect and respect these remarkable creatures.


  • Shared Experience:
    • $175 per person
  • Private Charters:
    • 1-2 Guests: $620.00
    • 3 Guests: $725.00
    • 4 Guests: $825.00
    • 5 Guests: $895.00
    • 6 Guests: $1,050.00