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Boats, Ocean, and Therapy

Did you know?

If you’ve come to this website, you are probably a Thalassophile. Sounds a bit gnarly, right? It actually has a beautiful definition; a thalassophile is a lover of the sea. If you are like Captain Kelsey and team, there’s almost an obsession with the ocean. It makes you feel good. It improves your mood. You may even feel better in your body after being in and on the ocean. Scientifically, there’s a reason for that. It’s not an accident that Hawaii has been voted the “happiest” state for many years. Instead of regurgitating articles we’ve read on the origin of thalassophilia and the physical benefits you get by sharing this love, we instead will link some of our favorites below. If you find some good articles yourself, be sure to send them our way at


Oh, and side note, this is a huge reason why our non-profit, For Children to Flourish exists. Imagine helping a kid receive all those beautiful benefits by being on and near the ocean. (link It is an honor to be collaborating with Kipuka Ho’ola. (link

Join us in our campaign to help the victims of the Lahaina fire in Maui and continue in our amazing Access for All program on Big Island. We need your aloha and we need your support, give today!

Scientifically proving why you should come out on Da Whale Boat more…

It’s called Blue Space Therapy, and doctors are now prescribing it! Many of us have undergone trauma. Maybe it is trauma with a “little t” or maybe it is trauma with a “BIG T”. Trauma is trauma, and unaddressed can lead to mental and physical problems. The whole world is still recovering from a pandemic, maybe you’ve lost a loved one, gone through a divorce, experiencing an addiction, suffering from anxiety, and/or depression. The lists of traumas can be extensive, but people who take the time to change their environment and spend time near, on and in the water have seen significant improvement to mental well-being. “When we can engage all of our senses while being out on the ocean with the movement of a boat, things can change in our brains. We can go from fight or flight to a realm that is higher functioning. Blue Space is similar to Equine therapy, and that’s something I’ve volunteered in for over ten years! Now I get to do it on a boat with For Children to Flourish kids!” says Captain Kelsey.

If you are feeling stuck or have had something difficult happen in your life, we encourage you to listen to our podcast: The Talking Story Podcast, where we have a series called Onipa’a: Resiliency/Pushing Through Pain

Learn more about Blue Space