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Full Moon Nighttime Whale Watch

2 Hours • Jan 24-27 • Feb 23-27

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+

This trip was created by Captain Kelsey. In 2023, Captain Kelsey had one of her best whale watches, on a full moon!

Listening to them breath, surface, sing, was something she would never forget. Whales don’t sleep like we do, they are VERY active at night just like they are throughout the day. Although you can’t see much, hearing them is one of the most fascinating things to do while enjoying them with the faint light from the full moon.

This tour is very weather dependent and unique in nature. Putting lights in the water, can even attract the curious humpback. Since this has not been done before commercially, come with an expectant heart that you will experience something very unique and truly memorable. We will provide hot tea and cookies.